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What is your purpose?

What you do matters, but why you do it matters much more.

Change your direction

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Let's add some happiness

"My goal is to help you create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, that adds happiness into your world. My number one requirement is “make it work for you”. If you’re ready to create a lifestyle that you can stick with, let’s work together in creating the life you deserve."


- Brittainy

“It’s such a great environment to just be a part of. Motherhood can feel so lonely sometimes and this program is something that we can do for ourselves and deserve to feel beautiful and confident. I love that Brittainy has created a safe space for us to thrive and better ourselves.“


-Wenda A.

“I love the workouts Brittainy does because they are different every day. I never got excited about working out but with this program I have. I may not show up every day, but I have shown up more for myself this month than I have in years. Brittainy is amazing and inspirational I am so glad I joined this program.”

 -Amy P.

“I have physically seen a huge progress in my strength and ability to work hard, but mentally is definitely what I’ve seen progress in the most! I’m feeling so much more confident in my own skin. “


- Brittnie B.

“This program saved me from the dark place I was in. Brittainy’s workouts give me a special feeling and peace. Just the fact of being able to do something for myself always.”


- Angelica M.

“I have loved working with Brittainy, her program has been great for implementing a lifestyle change I can keep up with. It has changed the way I view exercise and how I feel about my body. “


- Kourtney T.

"Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

- George Bernard Shaw