Resolving Trauma

Trauma; Known as a deeply stressing or disturbing experience. We are all walking balls of trauma heavily immersed into our own version of complex trauma described, as multiple events of unresolved wounds. These events will have persistent impacts on our life. Trauma can  be defined as anything... a death of a loved one, child birth, a bad breakup, sexual assault, car accident, and abuse. Chances are we have experienced at least one of the items listed above, not to mention the hundreds of things I didn’t list. These events have negative impacts on our life if they aren’t dealt with properly. I myself had unresolved issues of sexual abuse. This found a very permanent place in my relationship. Not only with my significant other but myself. I know my toxic belief that if my body didn’t look a certain way then I wasn’t worthy of anything stems from this.

These events can trigger emotional and physical reactions. I didn’t piece this information together until much later. I had been conditioned to believe that my self-worth and value was wrapped up into what my body could and SHOULD provide. IT IS SO IMPORTANT to recognize and honor our trauma no matter how big or small it may seem to you. It is vital to the growth of your present mental health.

Take a deep breath. If your anything like me I went years stuck in my depression due to my distorted body image and thinking that’s all it was about. I always say, "You go into this challenge thinking that it’s about your body image issues and come out on the other side of exercise realizing that it never had anything to do with your body." I didn’t realize that my trauma was the root of the issue with my low self-esteem and worth. I realize now, I am so much more than a body, in fact my body isn't meant for anyone but me. Take as much time as you need to complete this exercise. You may need to do multiple exercises to unravel what is really going on.

  1. Try talking to a loved one someone you really trust about the trauma you’ve experienced that you feel could be negatively impacting your situation. This is an important part of your recovery.
  2. Find an outlet that helps you release the crippling effects that trauma creates. Such as exercise, journaling, mediation, prayer, or therapy.
  3. Find support. This can be an organized group or someone who you feel comfortable having on going conversations with who may have been through a similar experience. Doing this will help lift your morale and you can find new ideas and tips on how to deal with what’s happening.
  4. Face the trauma, I know it may be tempting to want to numb and push it all away again, ignoring what is going on but, as you can see this hasn’t worked out so well in the past. Facing your trauma is vital for you to be able to heal and move on.
  5. Exercise. This is my number one ingredient for moving past trauma. Exercising fosters self-worth and respect. The key then is to challenge and adjust these negative thoughts into more positive ones. Learning to value and care for your mind and body through a healthy lifestyle is so important. Try implementing these 5 skills into your everyday life and see how your perspective changes over time.