10 Healthy Habits to Change Your Direction

Here are ten easy things to begin implementing in your fitness journey- 

  1. Keep more fruits and veggies around your home and workplace
  2. Focus on your water intake
  3. Cook more at home. By doing this you have more control in consuming less sugary and processed foods
  4. Focus on ADDING in healthy food vs taking foods away
  5. Don’t deprive yourself- you can still enjoy ALL foods, it’s never all or nothing
  6. Protein, protein, protein, this is so important during your exercise journey Eating protein after a workout actually increases the impact of exercise while also helping to repair and grow muscle tissue
  7. Bulk up with fiber- fiber dense foods help keep you full longer and increase satiety
  8. Find a positive way to manage stress
  9. Move your body every day
  10. Make your environment work for you, not against you