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Are you ready to make some serious changes? This challenge is different because we DO NOT focus on the scale. I will not ask for a before and after weight. No challenges will be awarded due to weight loss and it will never be something I place much value on. 

I prefer to focus on behavior rather than weight loss because a lot of the time when we solely focus on our weight, we resort to dangerous methods in order to lose it. Starvation, deprivations, extreme exercise, pills, supplements, cutting out specific food groups, purging and more. Not one of these things enhance your health, nor is it sustainable behavior. Recognize this cycle? You lose some weight, it's hard to sustain that lifestyle so you end up gaining it back and end up feeling worse than you did before.

I am going to help rewire your brain to focus on adding in more healthy behaviors. Trust me, this is what works. This is what will change your life. I mean really if you HATE the life you live while trying to lose weight and be healthy then why would you continue to do it? 

My main goal for you, is to be able to live a better quality of life by adding in exercise and healthy nutrition habits. Exercise combats many health complications both physically and mentally. I promise if you move your body the weight WILL come off. 

Extreme dieting will never work. It doesn't fix what is going on internally. To make progress externally, you have to fix the issue at it's core. By changing behaviors one at a time, you are taking slow and steady steps in the right direction to changing your life. I'm committed to seeing you succeed!