Let's do this thing!

Ready for the details on how this challenge will work?

My challenge is all done on a private Instagram on account. I find it so incredible that we have access in creating a supportive, active, and uplifting environment right at our fingertips! I know, I know, some of you might be thinking “on social media?” Listen, social media doesn’t have to be all bad, it is what you make it. Not only does this challenge change the physical aspects it also changes what’s going on inside. Social media isn’t going anywhere so let’s create the community we want. Let’s get inspired and use our platforms to inspire those around you.

Once you sign up, you will be placed in an accountability group with about 30 other women who are all (for different reasons) here in pursuit of the same goals. You will also be given an experienced mentor to lead the group and help you throughout the challenge.

We will have our own private challenge page where you can post and motivate comfortably. This must be said you do not have to post anything to social media to be apart of the challenge. Your level of participation on the page/in your group is all up to you!

I will post four workout videos a week, and one recovery day that falls on Wednesdays. The challenge runs for 4 or 5 weeks, depending on the month. My program focuses on HIIT style and strength training workouts.

Want to win cool stuff while working out? Who doesn’t?

Each week there are opportunities to win amazing prices including gift cards, workout gear, cash and more! There is also a $300 grand prize drawing for challengers who complete all workouts and submit progress pictures at the end of the month.

What’s included in your purchase?

You can’t go at this alone, and I don’t expect you to! I’ll provide you a meal plan, recipe guide, grocery list, body image guide, and journal prompts to use throughout the month. If you have dietary restrictions or specific food goals, a customized meal plan can be purchased at an additional cost.


  • The meal plan is a guide for you to follow for the month. You are always welcome to switch things out as needed or manipulate the plan to work for you and your diet restrictions.  Download the app myfitnesspal to help with calorie counting when substitutions are made. The meal plan focuses on eating more whole foods, reducing processed sugar, and increasing protein and fibrous foods. This plan should empower you to begin to make the right decisions for you and your family. Don't worry if you need to mix and match or sub things out to work for you. 


  • The grocery list lets you know everything you need to purchase for the month. Some things- like spices, common fridge items, etc. may not be included on the full list. You do not need to purchase everything at once. Check the meal plan to see what items you will need throughout the week. You can also make substitutions based on your finances and dietary needs.


  • The recipe guide gives you step by step instructions for how to prepare the meals. The guide is set up for you to eat the same thing two days in a row and repeat the week for two weeks. I’ve found this way of doing it helpful with meal planning and prepping but you can switch it up if that doesn’t work for you.


  • The body guide is such an important part of my program! We’ll have four self-exploration exercises that will help improve your body image throughout the month. We will discuss these exercises during this challenge.


  • The journal prompts will help you see and keep track of the things that are truly important to you each month. It's a great tool to clarify and focus your fitness goals, breaking them down into smaller, more manageable goals.