Season Of Strength

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Let’s get stronger together!

Program starts March 4th - 29th 

Daily Demo workouts

2 weekly live workouts 

accountability group

weekly zoom calls

My philosophy of fitness focuses heavily on the psychology behind it. Your psychological health takes practice and training just like any other part of your body, the more you exercise it, the stronger and more resilient it gets.


I believe the skills we learn from fitness can change our life. The problem we often run into as women is we spend so much of our time chasing physical fitness goals and nowhere near as much time working on getting our mindset in good shape. Often leaving you to succeed at neither.


We find ourself constantly restating our fitness journey mainly stemming from shame. The goal when signing up for one of my challenges is to find acceptance in your journey. We often treat our “training” regimen like we are elite athletes haha and tend to hold ourself to that standard when in reality we are training for our everyday life.


We spend so much of our time focusing on the “fitness” side of it we forget to address the things that tend to have us quit most often… Our confidence, perceptions of self, or previous experiences around exercise. In my challenge we work to break free of these mindset barriers that get in the way of YOUR success.


Your potential to stick to a fitness routine has NOTHING to do with ability and everything to do with mindset.


The goal is to understand that there really is no one specific fitness formula that will work for everyone, it’s about accepting where you are and using psychology to explore what works for YOU!